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Spa Pass

Daily Spa Pass

Join us to experience a relaxing spa day!! Stimulating your body in ways other than excerise! Helps cold, sinus, or allergies! Girls Day! Date Night!

Dry Sauna

Our traditional dry sauna is heated with lava rock, and you can sprinkle water over it to produce a light steam. Detox your body for an increased metabolism which can aid in weight loss, increase circulation, reduce pain, rejuvenate skin, and so much more!!

Steam Room/Shower

Promotes skin health, while encouraging healing. Stimulate workout recovery by penetrating deep into the muscles, loosening stiff joints to acheive maxium mobility. Assist in burning calories as it elevates heart rate or keeps it elevated post work out, enhancing your diet and excercise routines.

-Sauna & Steam Room Benefits: Reduce stress to improve sleep and ultimate relaxation. Reinvigorate your skin creating clear, more even skin tone, and boost anti-aging. Boost immune system to stimulate cells that fight off infection, improve circulatory functions, especially into the extremities, which may assist in lowering blood pressure and a healthier heart.

Inhalation Room

Inhale a continuous stream of circulating vapors. Vapors are effective for treating a number of respiratory problems, opening airways and improving breathing. 

ONLY $35 for up to two hours of full access to all spa amenities!

Enjoy our locker room fully stocked with Aveda products. Prepare by changing into the robe provided, followed with a full body exfoliation in the locker room shower. Savor a warm neck wrap, Aveda tea, or a light snack in our traquil inhalation room. Request a custom oil scent ahead of time! Manipulate with the warm Himalayan salt balls.

 (Limit yourself to 15 minute sessions to prevent dehydration. Must be cleared when under doctor care. Shower after sauna/steam room use.)


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